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Our Mission

Creating South East Asia’s Largest Marketplace For Local Artists To Showcase Their Talents & Creativity To The World

The Power Of Collaborating

Our objective is very simple. We want to provide a platform for local artists to create their own awesome fashion apparel products without requiring any capital. This is because we employ a different business model where only when your design is sold then we will start the manufacturing & delivery process in Singapore.

Through collaborating, we will handle the business operations while the artist focuses on the creative designs & building up their own personal brand. All intellectual property that the artist creates belongs to the respective artist!

Flying Solo

There are many inherit risk and challenges in launching your own clothing label such as:


Teamwork makes the dream work. You handle the creatives and selling while we handle the rest:


MOQ (Minimum Order Quatity)

Sourcing Manufacturing


Return Orders



How Does Red Merch Work?

01 The creation phase

You can create your own clothing designs on photoshop and send them to us. If you lack experience is designing, do not worry! Arrange a call with us and we will get a graphic designer to turn your concepts/ideas into reality.

02 The Money Instagram Photo

Having a blank clothing design does not sell well. We highly advice our local artists to get a sample from us and do your own photoshoots for your own unique brand identity. Alternatively, if you do not have the time, you can use any of our model templated pictures at no additional cost!

03 Your Make Money Each Time Your Design Is Sold

Choose your own garment (t-shirt, hoodie etc.) and set your own profit margins while we slave away to create your own store on our ecommerce platform. Once ready, you can share your clothing label with your fans and friends on your social media platforms to start making money.

04 Leveling Up

Congrats on launching your clothing label with us! You can continue to send us more concepts and designs to increase your product range. The more your sell with us, the faster you will level up and get more perks and earn a higher artist margin.

Manage Your Own Pricing Strategy

Artist Margins refers to the money the artist makes each time their design is sold!

Base Price refers to the base cost incurred for Red Merch to run business operations such as logistics, payment processing, manufacturing & the list goes on. Note that the base price of each apparel varies.

RM Margins refers to the profit Red Merch makes for each design that is sold. We would typically use this profit to spend on advertisements & promotional material to grow our platform.

  • Formula
  • Example


Final Retail Price = Retail Price - Discount

Base Price + Mark Up = Final Retail Price

Mark Up = Artist Margins + RM Margins

Example A

Example A:

  • 1 Sided design for round neck t-shirt at $15

  • Artist Margin is at 65% & Red Merch Commission is at 35%

  • Artist A sets the retail price ar $70 with a 50% discount

Final Retail Price ($35) = Retail Price ($70) - Discount of 50% ($35)

Base Price ($15) + Mark up ($20) = Final Retail Price ($35)

Mark Up ($20) = Artist Margins ($13) + RM Margins ($7)

Product Range
Leveling System

As more of your designs sell on our platform, you will not only enjoy a higher artist margin but you will enjoy additional perks to further boost your sales & personal brand identity without any additional costs from you!

Sales Revenue Generated For That Month

Artist Margins %

RM Margins %


Sales Revenue Generated For That Month


Artist Margins %


RM Margins %



Sales Revenue Generated For That Month


Artist Margins %


RM Margins %



Sales Revenue Generated For That Month


Artist Margins %


RM Margins %



Sales Revenue Generated For That Month


Artist Margins %


RM Margins %



Sales Revenue Generated For That Month


Artist Margins %


RM Margins %


***Sales revenue is account by the number of units sold a month multiple against the final retail price.

***The Terms above may be subjected to changes in the future.